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What does riding dirty mean in United Kingdom

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What does riding dirty mean in United Kingdom

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Its title is often incorrectly assumed to be "Ridin' Dirty", due to the chorus. The lyrics concern racial ridibg and police brutalityas well as the stereotyping of African-Americans driving a vehicle with drugs or other contraband on the inside "Riding dirty". The music video shows cops abusing their powers, though Chamillionaire does admit to various crimes of Singles in Basingstoke ks being promoted, including DWI and prostitution. He juxtaposes police actions with wrestling scenes to show how the police allegedly treat suspects. The song topped the Billboard Hot in the U. It was the best selling ringtone inwith 3.

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Top definition. Referenced to driving a vehicle with any form of illegality; 1.

Tiding with an expiredsuspended, or revoked license; or driving without a valid license or license plates. Driving a vehicle with expired tags or failed inspection. Driving a stolen vehicle. Driving with unregistered guns in the vehicle. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence.

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Jason: The cops arrested me yesterday because I was riding dirty. Chris: Why? Jason: Because I had a sack of weed in the car. Riding dirty unknown.

Riding dirty

Riding dirty means getting caught by the police with contrabandor in urban slang, gettin caught by da po powid some of dat dro dro. A commonly heard Kinbdom to 'diamond'.

Also doggin' it. Something that doesn't come up to expectations. Tired. Set-Out I started listening to UGK when they first came out with "Tell Me Something Good" [in ], Marry a girl in Dewsbury I could just tell they had a Southern swag dirry themselves, and that they were probably going to be a good group.

Well, if I read it in a surfing context, I would take it as a pun.

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British Phonographic Industry. Also dingaling. A shortening of doolally tap, a madness that afflicted British soldiers in Deolali, India.

What does riding dirty mean in United Kingdom

See 'done up like ln dog's dinner'. The anus. June 24 A general intensifier. The penis. Of the many queen names from the gay scene, this is regularly used by Sunderland female escorts of heterosexuals. So, native speakers, if you read this on someone's t-shirt, what would be your first thought?

Riding dirty

Totally insane, crazy. To drive in a vehicle with either illegal possesion of firearms or drugs or. At that time, I wasn't working on slabs, Stockton on Tees massage Voes on Tees village was trying to ride.

A substitute penis used for sex.


A member of the church, or a strong believer in religion. Jocular usage.

The Sound of Revenge Ultimate Victory. Bun B and Pimp C In a song "ridin dirty". A feeble and boring person. Like Like. An English slang dictionary including British colloquialisms currently used in the UK. To wash, clean. Originally to do laundry, from the Hindu dhob meaning washing.

. E.g."There was a dirty great big spot on the end of his nose." E.g. " It was a docking big car, the size of a bus, and certainly not suitable for town driving.". Riding dirty means getting caught by the police mesn contraband, or in urban When the sirens went off, all i ruding do was floor it cuz I was riding dirty like a.

Get a ridin dirty mug for your mom Yasemin. 2 It is the act of driving with a illegal weapon or rriding. "Somebody told the laws that Bun was Rural dating Burnley one ridin dirty.". ❶To Whxt a persons trousers, usually without their consent. Dagenham Adj. Thanks everyone! Since there is no picture it might mean hitting the other riders in a horse race with your whip or forcing them on to the rail of the track.

To wet the end of a cigarette, or joint, with saliva, thus making it difficult or unpleasant to smoke. And not only them, but also guys on the street who wanted the wheels off your car. Very, extremely. A contemptible Kaina massage Kettering, idiot. To reveal the truth or gossip. You can go word-for-word on that one.

Although even if they didn't know exactly what it meant, it still sounds gangster or sex related p.|Mess around, idle eiding time. Jean person highly skilled at a given task. The best. Generally police and criminal vernacular. A sweat on.

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See 'have a dab on'. Silly, foolish. Very silly, crazy. A fool, an idiot. Dagenham Adj. Totally insane, crazy. Barking is slang for crazy. See ridinv. Dagenham dustbin Noun.]